• The biggest organ is the skin, so you can use it dry around your leg or around your back on a chair or on the bed. The generator blows hot air and helps to open the pores and absorb the ozone through the skin. The healing process is 3-4 times faster than normal.
  • In the shower you stand on top of the 170 high pressure jets and works the same as reflexology. The jets focus on the 16 pressure points underneath your feet. It helps with blood circulation and reduces the changes of getting heart diseases by up to 40%. It stimulates the organs and helps improve functionality and relieves stress.
  • Ozone is heavier than oxygen and will fill up the shower from the bottom. The hot water opens the pores and the ozone is absorbed through the skin as well as inhaling it.
  • Older people that can not get into a bath anymore, will use it in the shower and also people who prefer to shower.
  • The therapeutic mat is also used to transform your bath into a health spa.


“I have been using the product every day for 20min in the bath for the past two months."

Little Amy, 12 years old, was bitten by a dog in her face.  Mom wanted to avoid permanent scarring and immediately started with ozone treatment.


" I had a burn on my arm, a friend of mine who works for the company suggested I try Ozone gel."


- Francois Beukes

"A consultant introduced me to the product, I was very skeptical, because I suffered for years and couldn't find anything that worked."


- Jan Frederich

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